The Culture Trip by Emmi Barrett

decomP by Spencer Dew

Poets’ Quarterly by Jacob Victorine

American Micro Reviews by Danielle Susi


In one dream, you lost your sadness and This winter I stay in a room in the Spiderweb Salon Anthology with Dana McKenna (forthcoming)

It’s not scary at all it’s mostly beautiful and Okay the rats are back in The American Poetry Journal with Dana McKenna

It’s become a habit a way to start the day in Pank with Dana McKenna

Tell me again in Thrush and the Orison Anthology with Dana McKenna

Sophie Sees Nebraska in Nat Brut with Josh Gaines

The Light is Right, So in Bodega Magazine with Dana McKenna

We argued about whether we should be more frightened and I tried to lose myself once in Hobart Pulp with Josh Gaines

At the end of the day you visit me in my nest, this too shall pass, when you wake imagine the sky as you think it should be, Follow me to the water, and In today’s meeting we talk about forgiveness in pioneertown lit with Dana McKenna

This week I’ve been haunting the mornings, I belong anywhere but here, and begin and end where you must in Duende with Dana McKenna

12 poems from Dear Fox, Dear Barn in The Offing with GennaRose Nethercott

your absence has taken root in Bodega Magazine

5:09 with eucalyptus oil burns and offerings, protection, or something else entirely in pioneertown lit with Whitney Seiler

ram’s head with hollyhock and beautiful and strange in forth literature with Whitney Seiler

Benjamin Charles Dowd, just a small hard seed, and I will see you soon or I won’t in Hobart

asleep beside a dead tree miles from anywhere or anyone and your body only hauntingly in Pank

Diving Trip and We Found Some Water That Could Be Our Water in Sundog Lit with Colin Winnette

The Apple Trees in Birdfeast with Colin Winnette

Monopoly in Salt Hill Journal #31

I’m tracing a shape for you to find, the body, enough to wait, and something magnificent this way is coming in Nat Brut with Colin Winnette

Diving Trip in Barnstorm with Colin Winnette

I should stop there and I told you once I forgot you in Right Hand Pointing with Colin Winnette

two apple trees and witness in Hobart: another literary journal with Colin Winnette

gun game in A cappella Zoo (Issue 9) and in Bestiary: the best of the inaugural demi-decade of A cappella Zoo with Colin Winnette

we spoke of nothing in particular and ate strawberries and the spell to remove her spell in Split Lip Magazine with Colin Winnette

the spell to remove his spell in Atticus Review

Pasture in Verse Daily

Diving Trip in Everyday Genius with Colin Winnette

if you turn around, I will turn around in Radius

Beard, Beers, Bears and A Few Reasons We Left The Farm in Muzzle Magazine

Gallop in Stymie Magazine

Death/Wish in DecomP Magazine